All Covers Now Available for Samsung S8 Phones!


Do these covers stick to all surfaces?

Traction Covers stick to clean, smooth, non porous surfaces like glass, metal and polished granite. The intention of the limited slip covers is to cut down on the chance of your phone breaking from sliding off smooth surfaces.

Do Traction Covers stick to fabric?

No. Traction Covers are meant to have limited slip capabilities on smooth surfaces, but don't stick to material and fabric, so it slides in and out of your pockets with ease.

Are your covers sticky or tacky to touch?

The unique laminate we use, creates a suction effect when it comes in contact with smooth surfaces, but the texture isn't sticky to touch. Therefore it doesn't pick up hair, dust or dirt.

Are Traction Covers easy to clean?

Yes. Our covers clean easily with winded, colored wipes or 'goo gone' without affecting the product.

Do Traction Covers protect my phone from breaking if I drop my phone?

Within reason. The TPU material is flexible and can take some of the impact if dropped. We recommend combining our product with a tempered glass screen protector. The limited slip aspect is meant to cut down on the percentage chance of the phone slipping and falling in the first place. Less chance of your phone slipping off the counter, less chance of it falling and breaking!