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About the Artist, Len Simon

len simon artist phone cases

Born in Canada, Len started his artistic career at the age of 14, creating T-shirt designs for sporting events, he attracted clients like Black Label and Budweiser.

At just 17, he taught at night school. Inspired by his older brother Mark, Len attended Sheridan College to pursue his passion for animation.

After his first year of college, Len was recruited by Sullivan/Bluth Studios Ireland, where he quikly became Directing Animator. Len moved to Phoenix in 1994 as one of the original staff of Fox Animation Studios.

At Fox, Len was one of the main leads on Anastasia and was promoted to Animation Director on Bartok the Magnificent and Titan AE.

With Fox's closure in 2000, Len established his own studio with business partner James Stoyanof.

Len worked on more than a dozen animated feature films, including Prince of Egypt, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, 8 Crazy Nights, Fat Albert, Curious George, as well as a number of European animated features.

His experience includes television, gaming, casino games, animated shorts, commercials and pilots.

Len enjoys illustrating children’s books and sculpting, as well as developing original stories for print and film.